This is an exciting time for Wellington sport because the recent construction of a permanent ice rink has marked the birth of competitive ice hockey in Wellington.


There are two opportunities for youth to play ice hockey in Wellington.  Every Sunday at 5:00pm (excluding school holidays) there is a skills training session for beginners and experienced players. These trainings are run by coaches who have played in the North American and European leagues as well as several players who have played in the New Zealand National Ice Hockey League.  For youth aged 13+, there is a youth team which plays in the adult leagues.

Cost for Sunday Training Sessions

Pay per session: $25 (must be paid in cash to club at rink) Paying per school term: $100-$180 (depending on term) Paying per semester: $240-320 Paying per year: $525 To sign up and pay for Sunday youth training, follow this link

To see the Sunday youth training schedule, follow this link

Registration with Club

Youth players need to be registered with the club if they intend on playing in leagues, going away to tournaments, or attending our Sunday youth training sessions. To register your child with the club click here


The age limit to play in the adult league remains 13 and up. However, we will have a new “Super League” for our 12 and under players starting in Term 2. Please get in contact with us if you have any questions or would be interested. We would like to continue having our youth play in the Adult Leagues and develop their skills. Playing with a variety of players can be very beneficial so we want to find the best way for them to have fun, yet improve upon their skills.  We recommend that youth players 15 and up of a high skill level who previously played, sign up for Grade 2. All other youth players, including beginners, are recommended to play in Grade 3. Our coaches will sort players into the right grade if they think players have not signed up for the correct grade. Register here for the upcoming season 


Full gear is required for all ice time run by WIHA. To support new players joining this great sport, we have a large selection of gear available to borrow for players of all ages and sizes and a very affordable rental plan for long-term use - please get in touch and we'll see if we can sort you out some gear. For more information, see our equipment page.


Ice hockey has a reputation for being a rough sport, however, it is relatively safe due to all the equipment that players are required to wear. Furthermore, it is rare to have leagues in New Zealand that have ‘full contact’, or ‘checking’; only top New Zealand leagues allow full contact, so it will not be permitted in any Wellington ice hockey for the foreseeable future.


25 Blenheim Street, Upper Hutt 5018


There are no trials at this stage, just sign up and come along for a go.


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