Website Launch

WIHA now has a website!

It is very simple for now, but hopefully in the coming months this can be an informative space for people wanting to learn more about Ice Hockey in Wellington

Other Recent News

2022 Registration Now Open! • 24.01.2022

2021 was a fantastic year for Wellington ice hockey and twenty twenty two is looking to be even better! As our numbers continue to grow, our focus for 2022 is offering more opportunities for everybody to learn, play, and enjoy hockey. As part of this, weekly hockey rhythms will be adjusted slightly. We’ve arrived at this year's schedule in consultation with representatives from every part of the Wellington ice hockey family. While we understand that change can be challenging, we’re hopeful the updated schedule will help meet the growing demand.

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2021 WIHA Annual General Meeting • 11.10.2021

The 2021 WIHA Annual General Meeting will be held on Sunday 14th November beginning at 2:30pm in the function room at Frosty Spot Ice Skating Rink, Brewtown, Upper Hutt.  All members are welcome to attend, and we strongly encourage you to do so!

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WIHA Mid Year Announcement • 26.06.2021

It has been an extremely busy start to the year for Wellington Ice Hockey. From opportunities for adult and youth beginners to get on the ice, to learning the ins and outs of the game as members of the Bear Division, through to playing faster paced hockey in the Fours Division and the growth of Women’s hockey, it is so inspiring to see all the hard work of so many individuals to build the breadth of our hockey community. It brings a smile to my face just thinking of everyone enjoying the great game of Ice Hockey. With our current season wrapping up at the end of June, it’s time to start looking ahead at what's in store for the rest of the year.

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