2022 Registration Now Open!

2021 was a fantastic year for Wellington ice hockey and twenty twenty two is looking to be even better! As our numbers continue to grow, our focus for 2022 is offering more opportunities for everybody to learn, play, and enjoy hockey. As part of this, weekly hockey rhythms will be adjusted slightly. We’ve arrived at this year's schedule in consultation with representatives from every part of the Wellington ice hockey family. While we understand that change can be challenging, we’re hopeful the updated schedule will help meet the growing demand.

Details regarding the upcoming season can be found below, or just click on one of the buttons to register now:

Another way we’re looking to grow this year is by creating more opportunities for members to help shape our community. There are a growing number of committees which allow members to contribute to the future of Wellington ice hockey. There are so many exciting plans I don’t have space here to list them all, but below are a few pieces I want to highlight:

  • New Registration Portal

  • Adult League Registration

  • Youth Hockey

  • Adult Training

  • Adult Tournaments

  • Women’s Hockey

  • 2022 Board Members

  • Committees

New Registration Portal

We’re very excited to announce that starting in 2022, registration for WIHA membership and ice time is moving to esportsdesk. This is the same portal used by Auckland and Canterbury and is quickly becoming the standard in New Zealand. While we’ve gotten along until now with google forms, esportsdesk is a considerable step forward and allows:

  • Players to create accounts for themselves and their families which will be used year after year

  • Automated payments and payment plans

  • Alignment with NZIHF and affiliated clubs (players can use this account for registering for other clubs leagues / tournaments etc.)

Adult League Registration

Registration is now open for season 1 of the 2022 Adult League!  The Autumn season will run from March 15 - June 24th and consists of three grades. Games times for all grades will be 19:30 & 20:40. The grades are all 4 v 4, non-contact play and are mainly distinguished by the speed of the game. Grades 3 & 2 will have 4 teams, which play one game per week. Grade 1 will have 3 teams, with teams having a by some weeks. When registering, please select which grade(s) you'd be comfortable playing to help league commissioners and team managers to create the teams. Grade 3 (Tuesday) - a distinctly social grade for those who are learning to play and/or enjoy a slower paced game. All abilities are welcome but more skilled players are teachers and cheerleaders for players on BOTH teams,  and not squaring off with opposing teams skilled players. Grade 2 (Thursday) - players with some experience with the rules, skating, passing, shooting and positional awareness (but they are not experts). Players at this level are relatively fast moving and have solid control on the ice (must be able to stop). Grade 1 (Sunday) - players have advanced skills in passing, shooting, and positional awareness. These players have a number of years experience playing hockey and play a fast paced game. Grade 1 teams are selected by a draft and  all players not drafted will be placed on a Grade 2 team. Dates: March 14th - June 23rd Jerseys: WIHA have complete sets of jerseys for each team which will be handed out at the start of the season, with players responsible for returning or replacing them at the conclusion of the season. Helmets: As per IIHF rules, players must wear a helmet with chin strap properly fastened.  Players born after Dec. 31, 1974 must wear a visor. Cost:  The early-bird fee to play in either grade is $315 for players who register by Feb 13th. For players registering after Feb 13th, fees will be $365. All players must also be registered members of WIHA.

Register here for the upcoming season 

If you have any questions, please get in touch via the contact form

Youth Hockey

The number of beginner players attending our Sunday youth sessions continues to grow as does the number of parents and coaches that volunteer their time to build the future of hockey in Wellington. Our experienced youth players have been advancing rapidly in the Wellington leagues and instilling hope for our own competitive Wellington representative youth team that can compete at a national level. There will be a couple of small changes to teams, scheduling, registration, and payment this year, so please read the following carefully and follow the links provided. Registration with club:  Youth players will need to be registered with the club if they intend on playing in leagues, going away to tournaments, or attending our Sunday youth training sessions. To register your child with the club click here Sunday youth hockey:  This year, our Sunday sessions will continue to be from 5pm to 6pm. However, you will now need to pay the club (instead of the rink) by one of the following methods: Pay per session: $20 (must be paid in cash to club at rink) Paying per school term: $120-$160 (depending on term) Paying per semester: $240-260 Paying per year: $450 To sign up and pay for Sunday youth training, follow this link

To see the Sunday youth training schedule, follow this link

Youth playing in leagues: The age limit to play in any of the Wellington leagues remains as 13 and up. Please get in contact with us if you have any questions about this. This year we would like to put forward at least two youth teams, one in grade 2 and one in grade 3.  We recommend that youth players 15 and up who previously played in the Frosty Fours or were of a high skill level in the Bear League sign up for grade 2. All other youth players, including beginners, are recommended to play in grade 3.Our coaches will sort players into the right grade if they think players have not signed up for the correct grade. Please note that youth players of high skill level are still able to play in Grade 1. However, we would prefer our youth to play together so that they can develop as a team. Tournaments and other events: We hope to run more fun events this year and hopefully get a few teams traveling to compete. We will update you throughout the year on upcoming tournaments and events.

Adult Training

The number one request we had from members last year was for adult hockey training and we’re very excited to announce that in 2022 we will be offering regular adult training if we can get enough people subscribed for them. The training will be run by coaches who have many years experience playing and teaching hockey. It is a great opportunity for players of all skill levels to practice and improve. The adult training sessions will be on Sunday from 6:15pm to 7:30pm. To attend these trainings, you will need to pay the club by one of the following methods: Pay per session: $20 (must be paid in cash to club at rink)

Paying per school term: $120-$160 (depending on term) Paying per semester: $240-260 Paying per year: $460 To sign up and pay for adult training, follow this link

To see the training schedule, follow this link

Adult Tournaments

As hockey continues to grow in Wellington, we’re excited to be able to participate in more tournaments with teams from around New Zealand.  Masters: The Wellington Seals attended the Masters games in Dunedin for our 3rd straight year in 2021 and we’re stoked to have been able to win our grade. There will be multiple teams heading down for the March 2022 Masters games (35+) - contact Paul Edlin (paul@ledoors.co.nz) for more info. Queenstown Cup: The Wellington Seals are very excited to be sending a team to the Queenstown Cup for the first time this year. Keep on eye on the socials last weekend of January to catch some live streams of what is looking to be some very high level hockey!

Women’s Hockey

2021 was an enormous year for Women’s hockey in Wellington. With the addition of VP of Women's Hockey to the WIHA board, 2022 is full of promise for Women’s hockey.

There are a couple of highlights already on the horizon. Some key dates for Women's hockey are:

  • Women Saturday morning training will start up again Saturday 26 th of February

  • Girls Global Game (5 th of March)

  • Dunedin Easter Weekend (15-18 th April)

  • Tekapo tourney – August -TBC

There is also an exciting opportunity for any women interested in playing in the NZWIHL to join. Please see Megan Herlihey for more information if you are keen.

Plans are also well under way to run two Womens’ series (June – August & October – December).

Keep an eye out as more information will be coming soon! 

2022 Board Members

As hockey continues to grow in Wellington, we’re excited to see new faces stepping up to help grow it. In acknowledgement of the growth in Women’s hockey, at our AGM the vote passed unanimously to create a position of VP of Women's Hockey, to which Megan Herlihey has been elected as the inaugural representative. We are also excited to welcome another new board member Hannah Vanderveen to the team! Your 2022 board is: President - Mischa Saunders VP Operations - Hannah Vanderveen VP Adults - Shelley Winters VP Youth - Liam Roth VP Womens - Megan Hurlihey VP Comms - Paul Edlin Treasurer - Matt Thompson Secretary - Luke Turner


For over 3 years, our club has relied on a handful of individuals to plan and make decisions about how ice hockey is run in Wellington. At our recent AGM the decision was made to have more work done by a greater number of people involved in running hockey through specialised committees. It was amazing to have several of our members immediately raise their hands to contribute their time and energy to our club and to our sport. More contributing members means that we can put greater effort into things that really matter to us but have not always been prioritised. It also means that we have more voices involved in making decisions which allows us to grow hockey in a way that aligns with the ideas and values of our community instead of a small group of individuals. If you would like to be part of one of the below committees, please get in touch with us.

  • Fundraising

  • Adult Leagues

  • Officiating

  • Youth

  • Events

  • Comms

  • Beginners

  • Gear

  • Jerseys

  • Women's Hockey

Get in touch

As you can see there is lots of exciting hockey on the horizon. As always, if you have any questions, concerns or contributions you’d like to make, please feel free to have a chat with myself or another member of the board or flick us a message using the contact form. On behalf of the WIHA board, I look forward to seeing you at the rink soon, Mischa Saunders Wellington Ice Hockey Association

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