New to ice hockey

We are always excited to share and grow the Wellington Ice Hockey community. Anyone is welcome to give it a go and join in the fun. No previous Ice Hockey experience required but some basic skating ability would be preferable. If you are keen, simply come on down and check it out or get in touch if you would like further information. New players are always welcome!


The best place to start is with the skills training for beginners on Sunday afternoons (excluding school holidays). These trainings are open for all ages and run by a coach who previously played in the New Zealand National Ice Hockey League as well as Canadian and American coaches. The session starts at 4.30pm, it is best to get there with enough time to get geared up. Just pop over to the gear locker and someone will always be there to help you get sorted.


Training sessions are $15 per person and are payable at the rink. For ongoing attendance, players must also be registered members of WIHA (65$/year for youth and $75/year for adults). The costs for the bear league are available on that page. Click here to register as a club member.


Full gear is required for all ice time run by WIHA. To support new players joining this great sport, we have a large selection of gear available to borrow for players of all ages and sizes - please get in touch and we'll see if we can sort you out some gear. For more information, see our equipment page.


Ice hockey has a reputation for being a rough sport, however, it is relatively safe due to all the equipment that players are required to wear. Furthermore, it is rare to have leagues in New Zealand that have ‘full contact’, or ‘checking’; only top New Zealand leagues allow full contact, so it will not be permitted in any Wellington ice hockey for the foreseeable future.


25 Blenheim Street, Upper Hutt 5018