Adult League

The league hosts three grades of non-checking hockey. The grades are distinguished by the speed of the game: Grade 1 (Fast): Players in this grade have more advanced skills in passing, shooting, and positional awareness. These players have a number of years of experience playing hockey and play a fast-paced game. Grade 1 teams are selected by a draft and all players not drafted will be placed on a Grade 2 team. Grade 2 (Middle): Players in this grade have experience with the rules, skating, passing, shooting and positional awareness (but they are not experts). Players at this level are relatively fast-moving and have solid control on the ice (must be able to stop). Grade 3 (Slowest): This is a distinctly social grade for those who are learning to play and/or enjoy a slower-paced game. All abilities are welcome but more skilled players are teachers and cheerleaders for players on BOTH teams,  and not squaring off with opposing teams skilled players.



Team lists and schedules for all grades are available at To view the schedule for a specific team, click on the team to see the roster page, then click on the schedule tab in the menu just below the name of the name (keep in mind it automatically filters to the current month, but you can update to dropdowns to filter to all months)


Registration for all of the grades is done on an individual basis. Once registration has closed, players are divided into teams by the league commissioners in collaboration with the team managers. When registering, please select which grade(s) you'd be comfortable playing to help league commissioners and team managers to create the teams. You may select more than one grade. Teams play one game per week. There are no training sessions. Click here to register


For 2023, the early-bird fee is $700. Regular fees are $800. Payment by instalment can be selected when registering.


WIHA have complete sets of jerseys for each team which will be handed out at the start of the season, with players responsible for returning or replacing them at the conclusion of the season.


As per IIHF rules, players must wear a helmet with a chin strap properly fastened.  Players born after Dec. 31, 1974, must wear a visor.


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